About us

"Kupola agency" in Rovinj, adress Carera 98, works successfully more then 18 years. Since 2006. member of the Adriatic group-e.
Before as "Turnover Kupola" and from may 2014. as property of the H:O:L:S:society d.o.o. With headquarters in Zagreb under the name "Kupola Agency".
At the mentioned adress the agency deals with allintermediary businness in relation to all real estate transactions.
Kupola agency is a licenced intermediary agency introduced to the register of mediators at HGK(Croatian Chamber of Commerce)

Director: Orlando Lopac


Name: H.O.L.S. Company with limited liability for trade,catering,real estate,sports,tourism
Abreviated name: H.O.L.S. d.o.o.
Seat: Zagreb, Prevoj 73
OIB: 23971298808
The place of entry into the Commercial Court and the number of entries: Commercial Court in Zagreb 0001 Tt-96/378-2
IBAN and the name of the commercial bank: ZABA, HR8423600001101318040
Share Capital: 250 000 Kn
Members of the bord: Orlando Lopac